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The Desolation of “Smog”: on pollution and ecology

Now, you people who are Tolkien fans such as myself will get this joke because of the latest hobbit movie, The Desolation of Smaug, which came out last year December the thirteenth. And for those of you who don’t get it, Smaug is a dragon. The Desolation of Smaug is the second movie in the hobbit, and as my mom says, Peter Jackson butchers the original stories from Tolkien literature. But that is beside the point. Smog is pollution. This post is about pollution. The Desolation of Smog is The Desolation of Pollution. Get the picture?

  Now, my mom says that someplace in China it is so Smoggy that they have a billboard up that shows what Sunrise looks like. I do not like those places and I wish they did not exist. Our beautiful Earth could be ruined sooner than we think, because of causes such as:

  • Pollution

  • Global warming a.k.a. climate change

  • Litter

And many other reasons. I think ECOLOGY (nature) should come before ECONOMY (money and all that). 

We need to preserve our precious and fragile Earth. It is beautiful (in most places). If you agree with me, please leave a comment after the beep.

Farewell until further postage.



OK. so at school today i was on the computer. My friend was on Google. The word Google on Google was themed on pennies. if you rolled the mouse over it, it would say ‘last day of the Canadian penny’. Me and her are crazy, so we both fake cried. But isn’t that sad?

YES. :(

I do hope they come back someday.

My Thoughts On Penny Making/Stopping Making

Have you heard that the mint is going to stop making pennies? I have. I learned about it when I had a substitute in math class. Mrs. Bilyk (my normal math teacher) would never waste time talking about pennies. At least I think she wouldn’t. Anyways, so they are going to stop making pennies!!! Apparently it’s because it “costs more than a penny to make a penny.” But today in math in one of my questions it said that it took 0.008 cents to make a penny or something. But they must have just picked that number out of a purple bucket. Anyways, I think that instead of just quitting making pennies, they should just have a fundraiser every year! It would be fun. It’s just like the saying, “winners never quit, and quitters never win.” Except that you don’t really win anything by making pennies. Anyways, at the fundraiser, there could be like a craft sale. And a garage sale, kind of. But it would really be a mint sale that doesn’t sell mints. Like people could give them thier old toys to sell. And clothes and other useful reuseable items. That way it would be helpful. And good for the Earth. Anyways, tell me what you think.

Farewell until further postage.

Poetry, Not Potty!

At school we have been writing poems but now we’re done. Anywho, here is a poem called a Hexaduad that I made up:

When I brush my hair, I feel like a bear

Who’s just had a long sleep, and won’t make a peep.

It’s called hibernating, and not overrating.

Then I bite my lip, and I start to slip.

But then I throw up, my sweet Buttercup.

And if you’re a boy, well sorry, Decoy.