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About that mechanical engineer thing…

You know how I wanted to be a mechanical engineer? Well, ever since going to Costco with my friend, who I will call S, I now decided she will be my assistant. We got everything figured out. To buy the Lab, we will get a job writing books or something to raise money. We will work at the same place. When the money is raised, we shall buy a lab to work in and fix up old cars to run on garbage mixed with liquid. We will sell the cars for about $2000-$2500, depending on the features. For example, a car with a TV in it will be $2500. We shall call our business S&MGC. I have typed up a letter to send to the Prime Minister. It is somewhat humorous, since the 1st sentences are “Hello. We have never met.” Anyways, tell me what you think.

                         Farewell until further postage.

Poetry, Not Potty!

At school we have been writing poems but now we’re done. Anywho, here is a poem called a Hexaduad that I made up:

When I brush my hair, I feel like a bear

Who’s just had a long sleep, and won’t make a peep.

It’s called hibernating, and not overrating.

Then I bite my lip, and I start to slip.

But then I throw up, my sweet Buttercup.

And if you’re a boy, well sorry, Decoy.

Mechanical Madeline

When I grow up I want to be a mechanic. That is because I REALLY REALLY want to invent a car that runs on garbage. I want to study mechanics. I don’t know what it would let out instead of smoke, though. Somebody gave me the idea of pinecones, but isn’t that life? I also thought of Gummi Bears tm, but you can’t make Gummi Bears tm out of GARBAGE. I will just have to see how cars work.

Farewell until further postage.

Writer Me

I am writing a book. It is called “ALEXA and the BLACK FURY”. It’s about this girl and her 2 dragons. Here is all her info:               

Alexa Jolyce Bareuk age 10 is in 5th grade. She is 5 feet tall and her bday is July 18th. She lives in Treeberg on the continent of Beanuke. She has green eyes and short brown hair. She is very different than the other people in Treeberg because she has 2 pet dragons instead of an owl. Her father, Akro, has a pet snowy owl named Swifty, and a mean girl in her class named Tiffany has a pet burrowing owl named Rabbit. She (Alexa, not Tiffany) is going to find a 3-fingered witch named a very nice name. Brittany. Also, she has a VERY VERY LARGE AND EVIL boy pet dragon named Kate. But do not call him that. Call him Black Fury or he will get mortal with you. That sentence means he will get angry and try to kill you. Alexa’s 2 dragons names are Asher and Bajinka. Asher is 6 feet and very friendly and black. Bajinka is 1 inch, purple, very aggressive, and is a black belt in karate. Read the story in a couple years when it is published or I could send you a copy when it’s done.

Farewell until further postage.