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Luke’s ‘New’ Camera

Today my brother Luke got batteries in his camera. I think it was my dad’s or my mom’s before. Anywho,  he uses it all day (well to be exact, all afternoon sort of) so that like an hour later the memory card is full!!! He did SO many videos. but he got some pretty funny pictures. like of my eye, ear, nostrils, and mouth. here’s what Luke has to say about his camera: It’s awesome.  Me: Anything else? Luke: Um, nothing. Just write whatever you want that’s cool.         OK. Back to me now. I want to say something that does not have to do with Luke’s camera.  Here it is: Did you know that lead can kill you?  Yeah. It can. Even if only a little bit gets in your body. Once, white paint was made of lead.


                                             Farewell until further postage.