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An Exciting Saturday

This Saturday was very fun. My brother had his moving party, because we’re moving to Alberta, and we all ate SO MUCH junk food that one boy tossed the cookies (that’s another word for threw up)!! No, literally. He ate too many chocolate cookies and then swung on the tire swing. Yeah. Anywho, when we got home, I felt a scab on my ear, so I started picking at it. Turns out, that scab wasn’t a scab at all! It was a tick! It looked like a crab. It started crawling around on my bathing suit (we were going to go to the beach), and I was all like, “AAAAAH! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!” Then, when we went to the beach, we saw this  fat minnow, and this guy came and picked it up and said, “It’s a catfish minnow!” The c.m. (catfish minnow) hardly moved. You could easily pick it up. But sometimes it moved it’s tail like it was swimming. The guy had put it down, of course, because why wouldn’t he? Is he Mr. Cruelty To Catfish or what? Anywho, that was my exciting Saturday.

             Farewell until further postage.