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OK. so at school today i was on the computer. My friend was on Google. The word Google on Google was themed on pennies. if you rolled the mouse over it, it would say ‘last day of the Canadian penny’. Me and her are crazy, so we both fake cried. But isn’t that sad?

YES. :(

I do hope they come back someday.

cow bones

many many cows must have roamed our yards, because we have seen cow skulls with meat on them on one of the old sheds in our backyard, but also for this reason.

Get comfy.

This weekend, my friend Emily came over and this is how to describe her: basically we are exactly the same.

we love exploring, and we saw this new little forest-thingymabobber, so we went in. we walk in, and we are saying things like “Wow! look! coyoticus maximus footprints!” and “Never come here at night!” of course, coyotecus maximus means coyote in our sort of talk. we come to an electric fence, and on the other side is more forest-thingy. emily tests it, the fence is not on, so we climb over and keep going.

about two seconds after we crossed the fence, emily and me see these things on the ground. emily thought it was only wood, but it wasn’t. as we got closer, we both realized what they were.

like i said before, me and emily are almost exactly the same, including our opinions.

we yelled, “BONES!!!” so we walked over. some were buried in the snow, but here is what we found.

some vertebrae, two skulls, what looked like some sort of pelvis, and some peices of a rib cage. and a few bones we couldn’t identify.

we like scary things, and emily’s sister was there, fooling around with a skull, and she hung it on the tree beside us us for a second, and so we decided to hang up all the bones. we did. also here is something that happened before all this:

we were walking right behind our house, and i saw a pigeon, which is normal. but in my head i thought, whoa, that’s a really big pigeon.

turns out, it wasn’t a pigeon at all.

we both screamed, “OWL!!” at exactly the same time.

i told you we were alike!!

anywho, that was my awesome weekend.


farewell until further postage.