A Breif Course on a Physicist’s birthday

On March 14, 1879, genius Albert Einstein was born!

On March 14, 2013, genius Albert Einstein will be turning 134!

Genius physicist Albert Einstein was a peace loving guy, although his theories led to the atomic bomb! His quote, “It would be a sad situation if the wrapper was better than the meat wrapped inside it” explains his choice of clothing. He wore wrinkled shirts, mismatch socks, pants that were too short, and had crazy hair!

The special theory of relativity, E=MC2, was his. E is energy, M is mass, and C2 is the speed of light in a vacuum. What it is saying is:

When a small amount of energy is converted to mass, a large amount of energy will be produced.

Albert Einstein is my favourite scientist. Then there’s Steve Spangler, then Marie Curie.

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